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web development is more than just good design There is more to professional web development than just a pretty picture. We are constantly being contacted by organisations who fell for the pretty picture story only to find out much later there is more to web development than meets the eye. Luckily we can generally unscramble the mess.
Web development is one of those areas which typically fall smack between IT and Marketing. It is true the design is important, but good design without good coding can be a recipe for disaster with what is now a mission critical part of business processes. Seems like every kid in high school can now build a website, so how do you pick a good provider?
Customer Community Services has years of experience in both aspects of good design and technology. We not only understand the importance of brand and design, but also have a wealth of skills for databases, html, css and a range of other coding methods. We are the people who not only buy those weird tech head books but also read and implement best practises throughout every stage of the development process. We use the right skills in the right areas to ensure we deliver a robust proven solution for your organisation.
We believe a great website is not just good design. Our team of technologists has a large (very large in fact) box of web tools encompassing every piece of the interactive puzzle.  Our designers are some of the best in the business and a long time ago we worked out, if you let the technology guys build a solid foundation (most designers don't), then overlay it with some dazzling design (which techies can't), sprinkle in good copywriting, calls to action and visitor capture. You end up with a very, very powerful lead generation tool.
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