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WebEd Locations provide listings or maps complete with driving directions for one or more branches, offices, resellers, agents or any other geographical location. By providing an easy-to-use interface your visitors can find your branches, dealers or any other type of content that involves physical locations.
How Do I Use Locations?
The back end database of Associated Locations can be easily administered or linked directly to your back end systems. The page is generated automatically into your site as either a list of locations or the preferred method of maps complete with zoom, pan, driving directions and even postcode locator. Relevant details about each location appear in a pop-up box when the user mouses over the icon along with the option to request driving directions to and from.
What Are the Benefits of Using Locations?
The easy to use map is now a familiar method of finding information about various locations associated with an organisation. The map is automatically generated and allows the visitor to see at a glance the depth of your locations as well as the nearest location to their postcode.
The default map can be configured to zoom to any level from a single street to entire continents.
Examples of Locations
Allpower Industries uses different icons to indicate differing types of branches Tusa uses WebEd Associated Locations to show Dive Operators around Australia

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