Web Design and Development Sydney - Consolidate your contact lists

If you're like most organisations, your list of customers is stored in multiple places including Outlook contact lists, Excel spreadsheets, various sales lists maintained by the reps, scraps of paper and the accounting system. How do you ensure you can reach all of those contacts when you need to promote a new service or product?
Customer Community allows you to consolidate all of your current customer lists into one centralised multi-user database which can be easily accessed and used by your whole organisation. Share contact information, notes and history for all customers and contacts. You can even slice and dice those contacts by a wide variety of methods (Referred By, Product of Interest, Subscriber Type etc.......) to target specific groups as required.
We can even add request for information or product forms to your existing website to ensure all leads continue to update your centralised contact database.
Customer Community is all about growing your prospect and customer database and ultimately to grow your business. When used in conjunction with our world class web management tool, WebEd, it gives you a complete 360° method of growing and informing your database.
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