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The Customer Community Email Marketing integration module for WebEd supports features to tightly link aspects of Customer Community (Subscribe forms, News, RSS) into your website. Quickly insert web forms and newsletters from Customer Community Email Marketing directly into page content via the WebEd editor.
How do I use the integration module?
Once the integration module is installed, subscribe forms generated in Customer Community are available to insert into page content of your website. News articles that are published are available to feed automatically into the news pages of your website, allowing for one click publishing to both newsletter recipients and also your website.
What are the benefits of the integration module?
Providers of web management and email marketing solutions usually have different standalone applications: one for website management and one for emailing customer newsletters. By providing integration between WebEd and Customer Community we have given you the best solution to turn your website in a lead generation tool.
Create feedback and enquiry forms in Customer Community that appear in your website and populate your database. Publish newsletters in Customer Community that appear as news on your website.
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