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What is the Careers Module Used For?

The Careers module allows site administrators to post vacancies, receive online submission of applications and resumes, store candidate details and review vacancies at any time.
How Do I Use the Careers Module Templates?
Customer Community Services will create the templates for this module for you and then the site administrator will be able to upload to the website job descriptions and start/stop dates for the job description being posted on the website.
What Are the Benefits of Using the Careers Module?
This module allows you to advertise vacancies within your company. It also means that you have control over what is posted and have the ability to edit or change the description base upon responses etc. Electronically submission applications and resumes will instantly go through to a database and be stored until you need to view them. This is a much more convenient system as opposed to advertising in  a newspaper and then waiting for applications to be submitted via post or email. 
Examples of the Careers module?
A screen similar to this Rick Damelian careers page will be seen on your careers page. All information entered into these fields and uploaded resumes will be saved in their database.

Harbour It - Careers module

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