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Product catalogues allows for all types of products to be displayed on your website. The product database populates the page content based on administrator defined product templates. This allows you to have different types of products displayed with different layouts. The product catalogue caters for different brands, sizes, colours - just about every product attribute is supported offering complete flexibility in how your products are presented. All products are available as normal web content, as part of your navigation and also to your site map and site search ensuring products can be quickly found by visitors.
At the same time, the product catalogue is optimised for search optimisation to ensure that product names, codes and stock numbers are all indexed by search engines.
How Do I Use Product Catalogues?
Product administrators use the admin module to maintain the product database. Products can be grouped by categories, brands or in any manner you currently use. Product templates define how the products are shown to site visitors and what product features are to be presented.
What Are the Benefits of Using Product Catalogues?
Product Catalogues are an excellent way to present simple and complex product information to your site visitors. All aspects of the product are available to visitors and search engines making your website a one-stop resource for all product information.
Examples of Product Catalogues
A wide variety of clients use product catalogues in different ways. Tusa shows product categories first; visitors then link through to individual products. There is also cross-linking to related products and categories.

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