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WebEd - Taking Care of Content WebEd content management allows even novice users to quickly and easily keep a website up-to-date. There is no software to load and no books to read. Quickly remove all barriers from keeping your website up to date and allow any member of your team to confidentially take control. Create new pages, insert pictures, upload any content - all without expensive outside help.

Key Points

  • Over thirty prebuilt modules ready for you. Photo galleries right through to product catalogues, shopping carts and payment gateways
  • Fully optimised for search engines. We built the SEO rules directly into the content management solution
  • Provides a simple editing tool for new content creation or updating existing web content.
  • Allows for non-technical authoring, the most novice users can easily create and manage content.
  • Centralises styles, fonts and colours to ensure consistent look and feel even with multiple people maintaining content.
  • Comes with extensive built in web stats and Integrates with a wide range of tools including Google Analytics.
  • See more at WebEdCMS.com

Getting started

View a self running demo of WebEd in action
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Try WebEd yourself and see how easy it is to add new pages, insert pictures and take control.
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Review the full online user guide with simple easy-to-follow steps.
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