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Customer Community Services boasts an impressive list of projects from years of developing web-based applications for our clients in many industries. Our team comprises experts in database design, business process improvement, development, design and system architecture. Some of our staff (the old folks) have been involved in the software business since IBM announced the IBM PC XT back in 1984.
Others in the team are Gen Y with fresh ideas, hip & happening froods with all the enthusiasm and creativity you would expect from youth. Bringing the diverse team together has allowed us to cater for everything from social networking solutions right through integration with boring old ERP systems.
Our development methods
Our development methods are in line with best practises in the industry today. Having been involved in many projects from the ground up we are very comfortable working with clients to provide the best solutions to their needs. Often projects start with a 'back of envelope' requirements list which can be fleshed out into full design scopes.
At times we use formal development methodologies including waterfall and but we're also comfortable using new development methods such as agile or extreme programming. We utilise Microsoft technologies and typically produce solutions based on Microsoft SQL server and ASP.Net.
Our large number of in-house tools support rapid software development. Often we can create rapid mock-ups to outline proposed solutions in very short time frames. Our projects will normally work with our off-the-shelf web solutions such as WebEd and Customer Community to ensure compatibility with all aspects of your interactive presence.


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