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Customer Community Services has designed an array of websites across many industries.

The design process

Our design process starts with a design brief which then leads to a mockup and finally live site. These quick steps ensure we maintain design integrity throughout the process. Our design philosophy is driven on user-centred results that are elegant, engaging and usable, whilst focusing on aligning with your business objectives.
Our design team do not work from pre-defined templates and all projects are unique. We draw on our extensive experience in interaction design, branding, communication, and information architecture to deliver designs that meet the business objectives.
Once we have your sign off on the design, we move quickly into production deploying your final polished selection into our world class content management solution WebEd. With support for an unlimited number of site layouts, page and body templates, site administrators can apply any template to any site section or even individual pages as required. This ensures your site remains consistent with the chosen design while allowing the work to be spread among a number of administrators.

Some recent designs

Ark Corporation Church Resources Tusa
Ark Corporation
Design, content management, custom database solution, email marketing.
Church Resources
Design, content management, intranet, content syndication.
Tabata Australia
Design, content management, multiple website & brand solution, E-commerce, email marketing.
Luxury Travel Bible J Farren-Price
ASHM Contact Database
Design, custom development, custom database solution.
Luxury Travel Bible
Design, content management, email marketing, internet marketing consultation.
J Farren Price
Design, content management, email marketing, internal system integration, Search engine optimisation, email marketing.
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