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Good Traffic Rates for your Site

Appearing in search engines is critical to create good traffic rates for your site. There is no question Google is now the pre-eminent search engine. Over the last few years it has grown to now be used by over 60% of internet users. So it stands to reason the best way to improve traffic to your site is to improve your Google rankings.

The Good news on improving your Google rankings

The good news: improving your Google rankings is not as difficult as you might think (or some vendors will tell you). Google has published ten rules on how to get your site to rank well in search results. Anyone can read about the rules in their WebMaster tools section and we have summarised in our rules of ranking. There is no big secret. It isn't rocket science, doesn't cost a fortune (although some vendors tell you it does) and anyone who is prepared to put in the effort can get a site to rank well.
At Customer Community Services we take the view that if there are ten rules and Google tells us what they are, we should just follow the rules. We are pretty smart at writing software so if we put the rules into the software, the software will do the job for us. A number of years ago we sat down and nutted out the best way to get sites to rank following the ten rules Google recommended. We then added those rules to WebEd and let the software do the work.
So you, the site owner, just has to use WebEd and your site will improve its search ranking. (BTW, if you don't want to use WebEd we can help you rank with our search optimisation services). However migrating your site into WebEd makes it happen much faster.

How WebEd helps you rank.

How WebEd helps your Google rankingsWhen you add a new page or update an existing page using WebEd, the software checks that you are following the rules for your selected keywords (more on selecting keywords here [insert links to how to select keywords]) in the parts of the page that matter.
It doesn't matter that you may not understand why it is needed. We do and we have read the rules (and about a thousand other explanations on getting sites to rank). We make sure the software follows the rules so you get the result you want - Good Search Ranking.
So, take any site that doesn't rank right now. Move it into WebEd and it will start to rank.
We first saw this about five years ago, with Porsche Centre Sydney South, whose site did not rank anywhere. (They also had pretty ordinary web management tools but that is a different story.)
Their site was a few years old and did actually appear on about page 10 of the results but of course no one would ever find it there. We moved the site into WebEd. Hey presto, nothing up my sleeve, within about nine weeks (Why nine weeks?, read this article) they hit the front page of the results.
Here is the important bit; we did not make any changes to content or design, we just moved the site into WebEd. That's right. The site design and content remained exactly the same, but we just enforced the Google rules on the site.
With some further tweaking, the site got to the top three. Today it moves between spot one and three depending on the number of used vehicles (more is better) they have on the site.
In summary, if you want to get your site to rank well in search engines (Search Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO) then move it into WebEd and spend nine weeks getting ready to hit the front page.
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