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Simple News

What is simple news used for?

The simple news module is a way of publishing news information to your site. This helps to beef up your site content and will give your customers greater insight into your business. It is also a useful tool to update visitors about upcoming events or new product information.

How Do I Use the Simple News Module?
When WebEd and Customer Community are used together we suggest disabling the WebEd simple news feature and using Customer, a fully fledged newsletter publishing system that tracks open rates, bounce handling and template layouts.
Newsletter articles which are approved and emailed to subscribers will then automatically appear in the news section of your website allowing for one step multi-publishing in both newsletter and web format.
If you are not using the Customer Community database and news publishing system then adding simple news items as part of your site is an alternative method to give visitors news-like information.
What Are the Benefits of Posting News?
Regularly posting news ensures that your website stays up-to-date; regularly posting new content will help your website gain a higher search engine ranking.
Examples of News?
The ASHM website uses the simple news module to populate newsworthy information on their home page. Each news item appears as a link and when clicked displays the full news article.



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Simple News