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RSS Feeds

What Are RSS Feeds Used For?

WebEd provides a news module which allows the website administrators to quickly create news items. News is fed to your website from a third party via RSS. Any news providers, such as Sydney Morning Herald, that support RSS publishing can be used.
How Do I Use RSS Feeds?
WebEd provides a news module which allows the website administrators to quickly create news items from a third party.
What Are the Benefits of Using RSS Feeds?
Using RSS feeds not only provides your customers with a useful service but will assist in bulking up your site content, which is essential for gaining a high search engine ranking.
Examples of RSS Feeds?

Harbour IT uses a third party news feed (zdnet.com.au) to populate their website. They also use their own news from their Customer Community database (see  Basic News for further information).

On Harbour IT's website (as shown below), the news on the top comes from the external source and the news items below are from Harbour IT's Customer Community database.

RSS News feed


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RSS Feeds