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Building Trust Online

We gauge trust, when interacting with people, through the words they use; facial expressions and even the body language they use. In an online world, we can't use non verbal signs and the written word can often be misconstrued. In the online world, you have only a few precious seconds to develop a level of trust, so how do you build trust with site visitors?
Site Appearance

Provide support for your longevity

There is only one chance for a first impression and as most of us judge a book by it's cover, it is important to have a good first impression. Just as you wouldn't turn up to see a potential client in rumpled clothing, so you must ensure your site design is professional. The site should present as a unified whole with consistent colours, fonts and graphical elements working together to present a professional image.

Don't miss an opportunity because of the way you look

A lot of websites are hear today, gone tomorrow. From the visitors point of view, it is important to make sure the people you are about to deal with will be around for more than the time it takes to make the payment. If you have been a provider of products or services since 2008, tell the visitor. If you have sold five million items since inception, tell the visitor. Nothing gives credibility like lots of people buying your products or being around for more than five minutes.

Give good evidence of longevity

Use your brands, experts or customers to build trust

Give the user assurances

If you are a provider of a well know trusted brand, you can leverage their trustworthiness to beef up your own level of trust. Make sure your site contains references to the trustworthiness of your products using phrases like authorised supplier of {insert the trusted brand here}. This is called borrowing trust and can be used to make your site more trustworthy.
Industry experts are seen as trustworthy people as are stories from existing customers. Supply testimonials from experts, peers and customers where possible. Nothing says trustworthy like stories about your services from external sources. From the visitors point of view, you may mis-represent your product but we all assume third parties will be truthful.

Build trust by leveraging trustworthy sources

Often we are asked to hand over our email address, personal details and even credit cards. Visitors to your site will generally have thoughts along the lines of "will I be spammed", "will someone steal my identity", "will I lose all my money", "will this product be delivered", "will I be abducted by aliens". This and a range of other conflicting thoughts run through a persons head when conducting an online interaction.

When prompting for information always include a link to your privacy policy. Spell out how you will not sell and rent the information to other organisations. Always use secure forms for accepting credit cards and tell the user it is secure. Refer to your return policies if you have one. Make sure the visitor knows you are a reputable supplier by spelling it out in plain english right where you are asking for the information.

Lower the visitor concern every step of the way

Building trust and credibility is critical in today's online world. As internet fraud continues to be a problem, it is imperative you work on providing good credible content to your site visitors.


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Building Trust Online