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Group Messages

The Group Message module allows the site administrator to post custom messages to users based on their allocated group. This module is designed to ensure that key information is presented to the right people on login.
How Do I Use Group Messages?
The site administrator defines the message(s) to be displayed to particular groups. When anyone from that group logs into the site, the message for that group is displayed as part of the page content.  This is handy to pro-actively inform users about specific items of interest. You may have a login and user group for customers to access price lists. Use Group Messages to advise them on login of particular specials. The group message function saves administrators much time and effort as instantly all members of a group can be informed instead of individually contacting members. 
What Are the Benefits of Using Group Messages?
Using the Group Message module allows administrators to quickly provide relevant information to the authenticated visitor based on their user group. Different groups will see differing messages on login.  If users belong to multiple groups then all relevant messages will be displayed to that group.
Examples of Group Messages?
This screen will be seen by the administrator who can then simply enter the message and the group they want to receive it;

Group Message Screen

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Group Messages