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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a way of generating revenue for your site by placing placing various sized images and links across your site. You can also use Banner Advertising to promote your own products and services, drawing attention to specific areas of content. WebEd supports three user defined ad sizes which can be placed anywhere on the site.
The Banner Advertising module supports all major banner advertising requirements including;
  • Ad weighting (which ads appear most often)
  • Impressions (how often ads are displayed to visitors)
  • Click-through rates (how often visitors click on a particular ad)
  • Ad rotations (don't just display one ad in a location, cycle through ads without the browser refreshing)
  • Start and stop dates (limit the dates particular ads appear to support contractual arrangements)
Banner ads can be placed anywhere on a page and multiple ad types can appear on the same page.
How Do I Use Banner Advertising?
Banners can be placed anywhere on the website and they can be weighted as required to cater for banner display frequency.
Examples of Banner Advertising?

Dive Today has Banner ads promoting companies that will complement their own business. They are using two different sized banners -  the rectangular pink banner along the top and the square one down the side of the website.

Banner Advertising

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Banner Advertising