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Message of the Day

What is the Message of the Day Used For?

The Message of the Day module displays random messages on your website each time the page is refreshed. These messages can be placed anywhere on the site but are generally included in the home page. WebEd comes with over three hundred pre compiled messages but site administrators can easily replace or add to these messages.
How Do I Use the Message of the Day?
The WebEd editor allows you to place a Message of the Day tag anywhere on the page or you can add to your site or body templates.
What Are the Benefits of Using Message of the Day?
One of the primary reasons site visitors don't return is lack of updates to content. Returning to a page only to see exactly the same information becomes frustrating in a very short period of time. By including the message of the day function you can quickly ensure each visitor sees slightly different content. This module also assists search rankings as the search engines will return more frequently if the content changes often. As the content is changing on every page refresh, the search engines will be regularly trawling your site and updating the indexes.
Examples of Message of the Day

The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible - A Yale University professor in response to student Fred Smith's paper on an overnight delivery service (Smith went on to found FedEx)

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Message of the Day