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So thank you very much for your assistance in getting this site up and running. Thank you especially to Judith for your patience and encouragement! The results are amazing Cheryl Miller - Walindi Febrina Dive Resort - Papua New Guinea


What Are Testimonials Used For?

WebEd Testimonial Module displays random customer testimonials throughout the website. Testimonials are a powerful tool for endorsing the virtues of your product or service and we recommend their use throughout your website, particularly on the home page and any page that references your products and services.
How Do I Use Testimonials?
Rather than have testimonials hidden away on one page (where they can be easily overlooked) it is best to have them throughout the website so customers are continually seeing positive reviews of your company.  WebEd Testimonial Module is an easy way to build brand image and give new customers a great first impression of your business. Customer Community Services will provide the templates for this module and then the site administrators can go in and add and edit the testimonials.
What Are the Benefits of Using Testimonials?
Testimonials add credibility to your website and company. As this module will randomly post different testimonials throughout the website the visitors will be viewing a range of different testimonials and this will ensure that the website remains fresh.
Examples of Testimonials
Nuix have customer testimonies posted throughout their website. Each time the page is refreshed a new comment is randomly generated. 


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