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The Associates modules allows you to publish lists of key staff or contacts across your website. This can include an image of the contact and supporting information such as phone, email or even qualifications.

How Do I Use the Associates Module?

In the admin section of your website under the Associates section you are able to Add New associates. You will be presented with a form where the contact details, such as title, address, active or inactive etc. can be entered. You also have the option to add a photograph to the associates details. Once the information has been added and saved the details will appear on your associates page of your website.

What Are the Benefits of Using Associates?

This module creates an easy-to-use and manage database of contact details. It also allows you to keep track of the status of these people, so that, should one of the dealers stop working for your company, you can list them as inactive. They will no longer appear on your website but you have not needed to delete their details from the database. This is useful should the situation change over time.

The associates can be grouped by different categories such as by state, association or any manner that suits your organisation.

Example of Associates
General Anaesthetic Services use Associates to display information on each doctor within their group. They have provided the option to list doctors by how long they have been a member or by awards or prizes attained by that practitioner.
Clicking on the name of the doctor will take the visitor to more details on that doctor.

Porsche Sydney South uses Associates to provide information about the key staff within the dealership.


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