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The new products module has radically improved the way our dealers view our offerings. The multiple images and full descriptions ensure the correct information is available to dealers and end customers alike. Sue Crowe Executive Director Tabata Australia


What are Highlights Used For?

Highlights are used to push content across the website into designated areas of the website. They are normally used to create repeating content across the site to highlight key content.
How Do I Use Highlights?
The Highlights can be tied to a page, a section or even a whole site if required. Administrators can then update the highlights as required and be assured the content ripples throughout the site.
What Are the Benefits of Using Highlights?
Highlights are a great way to link key messages or information to particular content areas. You could for example have one highlight for the products pages, another for the about us areas and a third to appear on secure staff pages. This is an excellent way to keep the site consistent and quickly provide related information throughout the site. Central control of highlights allows them to feature across multiple pages while maintaining a consistent look and feel.
Examples of Highlights?
A number of clients use highlights as a way of centralising updates and also creating attention grabbing content. This technique also works well for linking key messages to content areas.

Nuix uses differing highlights on the home page to other sections
Nuix uses WebEd highlights to promote relevant key points on their home page Nuix uses WebEd highlights to promote relevant key points on their About Us page
Nuix Home Page Highlights Nuix About Us Page Highlights

Church Resources utilises different highlights depending on the business unit
WebEd Highlights in use on the Church Resources Aged Care pages WebEd Highlights in use on the Church Resources Aged Care pages
Church Resources Aged Care Church Resources Greening Communities
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