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Web Ed & CC - Walindi Plantation Resort

A Web Designer's Paradise

Walindi Plantation Resort is on the shores of Kimbe Bay on New Britain, Papua New Guinea"s largest island. Divers have enjoyed the beauty of the Kimbe Bay reefs for over 25 years. Walindi Resort is also home port to its boutique Liveaboard Dive Vessel, MV FeBrina.

The Walindi Resort / MV FeBrina website is more than just a tourist site. It aims to capture the spectacular diving, pristine reefs and amazing marine life of the area while offering detailed information for divers, naturists, travellers and agents around the world. A visually-striking site, it needs to change quickly to reflect the changing sights and moods of the area.

Cheryll Miller, Sales and Marketing Manager, oversaw development of the new site from the company"s base in Whitsunday, Queensland. She had some clearly defined objectives for the site and its set-up.

"We were after a set up which we could administer ourselves, so we needed the initial site set up as template-based platform where we could change text, pictures, categories, sub-categories, with password access to the administration section of the web site", she explained.

"Given that FeBrina and Walindi would be included on one site, we wanted people to be able to access common pages such as Dive Descriptions, Agents, Photographer"s Albums," Cheryll said. "We needed to be able to use our web site as a central marketing tool for customers and agents, with certain pages being accessed by agents only by way of password access."

The project began in May 2009. Within days, Customer Community Services had the site up ready for content.

":We were live in a surprisingly short period of time," said Cheryll. "There is still a lot still to add from my end, but it"s the ability to have the site as a work in progress which appeals to me about this system."

Just days after its implementation, Cheryll wrote to Customer Community Services to express her satisfaction.

She wrote, "I just wanted to email you and let you know how happy I am with the site. I am getting some very positive feedback from our agents as people start to visit the site. We had our first search engine hit yesterday!" (Ranking is a big plus when you use WebEd).

"While talking to an agent on Skype," Cheryll said, "he requested a change to his details on the site. While I was talking to him I went in, made the change and got him to check while I had him on the phone. Brilliant!!"

The organisation is about to implement Customer Community to enable the easy creation and distribution of customer newsletters from the website.

"I have a great item for the first newsletter and am putting that together now," Cheryll said.

"People are getting enthusiastic about content now that they can see their work "in print"; I have quite a lot of great content amassed now ready for me to work on getting it up."

Cheryll added, "I am having fun checking the Google Analytics stats every day."

Check out the site: www.walindifebrina.com

Why not book your next holiday there and enjoy it for yourself?

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Web Ed & CC - Walindi Plantation Resort