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Selecting an Interactive Provider


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Sound and Stable Technology

An important question to ask of any interactive provider is "How stable is your technology?"
We regularly see clients who have invested with so-called "Web Developers" only to learn that pretty pictures don't always mean good technology. It is important to look past the presentation images and investigate what is under the covers, of the actual sites and in how those sites are hosted.
Is the underlying technology based on established production modules or is it custom developed for every client?
Do you have proper development technologies including source code control?
What is the underlying database and business logic layer?
What development languages do you use to create database driven web sites?
Do you have documented development standards to ensure code consistency and ease of maintenance?
Do your website hosting servers reside in a data centre?
How many uplinks to the web are available to the servers?
What is the disaster recovery process for your servers?
Customer Community Services is not only a developer of database driven web sites and email marketing systems, we also custom develop applications using the latest technologies from Microsoft including SQL server and ASP.Net.
Our documented coding standards ensure all development follows the standards with centralised code libraries, full source code control and automated source merge to allow multiple developers to work on projects.
Our hosting platform is based on multiple fault tolerant servers running Vmware ESX coupled to a fibre SAN to ensure trouble free operation. Servers are located in a professionally-managed data centre.
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Sound and Stable Technology