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So thank you very much for your assistance in getting this site up and running. Thank you especially to Judith for your patience and encouragement! The results are amazing Cheryl Miller - Walindi Febrina Dive Resort - Papua New Guinea

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Customer Community Services produces dynamic web and intranet content management tools:
Customer Community has been developing web and email marketing solutions since 2000. We have gained an enviable reputation as one of Australia's most forward thinking development companies. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of software and web development including design, web coding, custom applications, search optimisation and email marketing.

We are a nimble team of seven professionals located in Chatswood. We can quickly react to demanding requirements and provide real solutions. The fastest way to to solve your problems is to contact us directly and have a quick conversation about your needs. Often five minutes on the phone will give you more information than you thought possible. We love speaking to people and showing off our knowledge, so please don't hesitate to call.
Our two flagship products coupled with our extensive skillset will give you the results you deserve.
WebEd - A browser-based Content Management System and website editing tool for Internet and Intranet presence.

WebEd takes what is traditionally an unstructured web environment and places it in a structured object orientated database for hosting and control.
Any website can be easily maintained by regular or temporary staff with a minimal training.
The system is completely built on industry standards using SQL server databases and DHTML components sourced from Microsoft.
Your website is easily updated on an ongoing basis and at any time. Instead of static out of date websites, WebEd organisations realise the true value of their corporate information and messages, resulting in a dynamic web and intranet presence.

Customer Community - A marketing database and newsletter publishing system.

Customer Community allows for the rapid publishing and broadcasting of news flashes, email newsletters and customer / member communications. It is completely template driven and complements your existing online presence.
It runs in the user's browser with a familiar easy to use interface.
Users can be trained in 2 hours. New staff can quickly adapt.
Centralise all of your customer and lead lists (spreadsheets, outlook contacts, accounts records) into one central easy to use customer database with simple CRM functionality.
Supports full tracking of sends, opens and reads of newsletters and articles.
Customer Community is externally hosted to minimise corporate network congestion and to maximise newsletter deliverability.
We use and recommend ABCPDF from http://www.websupergoo.com. The ease of creating PDF from HTML perfectly suited our requirements. It allowed us to quickly generate reports for our clients needs. I would have no hesitation to recommend ABCPDF to any developer working in a .Net environment.

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Need to get contact with us. We would love to hear from you. Here are all the contact defails for phone, email, address and even driving directions which incidentally is a standard feature of WebEd. Could you benefit by having driving directions on your website?
Customer Community Services has assisted many organisations to maximise their return on their web investment. Here are a selection of case studies to help you better understand how we can make a difference to your enterprise.
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