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The new database to track web registrations not only automated what was a repetitive task, it also freed up time to allow us to focus on generating revenue instead of doing data entry Linda McGregor Principal - All About Eve

Website Solutions

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Appearing in search engines is critical to create good traffic rates for your site. There is no question Google is now the pre-eminent search engine. Over the last few years it has grown to now be used by over 60% of internet users. So it stands to reason the best way to improve traffic to your site is to improve your Google rankings.
web design
Customer Community can redesign your current website or we can migrate your into our world class content management suite, WebEd to provide site wide templates to facilitate the easy creation of new pages with consistent design.

Our design process starts with a short phone call to define the brief based on the business requirements. This quickly leads to a mockup (often within hours) and finally signoff for coding and delivery. These rapid steps ensure we maintain design integrity throughout the process and meet your goals. Our design philosophy is driven on user-centred results that are elegant, engaging and usable, whilst focusing on aligning with your business objectives.

Web Development

Web development is one of those areas which typically fall smack between IT and Marketing. It is true the design is important, but good design without good coding can be a recipe for disaster. Web sites are now a mission critical part of the business process and can't be just handed off to the office junior.
Seems like every kid in high school can now build a website, so how do you pick a good provider? Here at Customer Community Services we understand all aspects of the web development business. Everything from database design right through to pixel perfect design. Whilst many designers claim to be able to build any time of web site, here we have the combination of developers, architects, designers and marketing professionals to help you meet your business goals.

Content Management
WebEd content management allows even novice users to quickly and easily keep a website up-to-date. There is no software to load and no books to read. WebEd removes the barriers from website updates and allows you to do-it-yourself with confidence, creating new pages, inserting pictures, adding content - all without expensive outside help.
Even better, updates are instantly available allowing you to quickly keep your website up to date. No more waiting on technical staff or outside providers to get timely relevant information published to your site.

Solve Website problems Most of our current clients have come to us looking for support to solve their website problems. We have solved a wide range of different website problems, regardless of the type of issues the websites presented. We are experts in listening to the issues and then making recommendations that will not only solve the issue, but ensure it is inline with your business goals.

The team at Customer Community Services has years of experience providing customised website solutions and support to our clients in all fields related to web development, web design and content management. We will work alongside you to ensure all your requirements are fully satisfied and achieve a beneficial outcome for your business website.

WebEd is much more than just a content management solution. It offers over thirty different modules. Everything from blogs right through to product catalogues, shopping carts and social media just to name a few. Wrap this up with some strategic consulting, maximise your traffic with our built in SEO tools and before you know it, your site traffic will go through the roof.
Couple this with our marketing database engine Customer Community and you will have a complete 360 degree view of your web traffic, leads and sales conversions all in the one streamlined solution.
web integration
Unlike many other website providers, we understand all aspects of the technology discussion. We also understand how most content on your website starts out in your office systems. This could be anything from simple content creation in word right through to product categories and details in your operational systems. Sometimes it is as simple as a small database to cater for a business process.
No matter what the backend integration requirements, Customer Community has a team of experts with many years of experience in developing and deploying backend integration solutions to keep your website and in house systems in sync.
If you have some specialist data that would enhance your website but can't work out how to get it online, chances are we have. We have many success stories that outline how we solved complex business issues using custom development either on the web or using internal applications. We can handle all aspects of web development from simple HTML and CSS right down to complex database driven applications such as shopping carts, corporate extranets and much more.
The technical team at Customer Community has all the knowledge, tools and experience for the most complex development scenarios. Start a conversation today to see how quickly your business needs can be met by our professional team
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