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Reduce Email Bounces

To successfully market your business through email you will need to reduce the number of email bounces that occur when you send out your email or newsletter.

There are two types of bounces - soft and hard. Soft bounces are when emails get to the recipient's mail server and bounce back before reaching the recipient. A soft bounce can occur if the inbox is full, the server is down or if the message is too large for the inbox. Most mail servers will attempt to redeliver for a few days. If this fails the message will become a hard bounce.

A hard bounce is a permanently undelivered message. This might occur if the email address doesn't exist or there was a typo when the address was inputted (e.g. name@email.om ) or if your address has been blocked by the mail server.

Some tips to manage and reduce the number of bounces:

Clean up your database

Take the time to go through your email database and check that the emails have been entered correctly and that there are no typos or incorrect domains.

Update customers' details

Prompt customers to update their details or to confirm that the details you have are still current. For example when you take an order get the customer to confirm their email. If you can see that customers have bad emails and you have other contact details from them call them to request the correct information.

Check spam lists

You should regularly check spam databases and blacklists to make sure your email provider has not been added to the list. You should also take steps to make sure your emails do not end up being filtered into spam box.
Remember: If you have been added to a blacklist or if your email goes straight to a spam filter you will not receive a bounce message.

And as a Last Resort....

If you keep getting bounces with certain email addresses delete them from your database. You are not achieving anything by having these emails on your subscription list.

Confirm email addresses

Send a confirmation email when they register to confirm that the email has been entered correctly. If you are getting bounces contact them. Consider asking for a secondary email address when they register in case the first address starts to bounce.

Monitor delivery rates

Track the bounce rates of the major domains such as Gmail and Hotmail. If there appears to be a large difference in the number of bounces with one particular domain you could have been added to a blacklist or spam filter.

Test emails yourself

You should always do a test send of the email before sending it out to your subscribers. In regards to preventing bounces you should create a test list that includes emails from all the major email servers that your subscribers use to ensure that they are being sent correctly to the major servers.

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Reduce Email Bounces