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Internet Marketing

Your customers are constantly seeking information
Your new customers are constantly seeking information about products and services, some of which you supply and some your competitors supply. Usually a customer decision about where to next place an order depends upon "recency" - who was the last sales person to see them, the last shop they walked past, the last conversation they had with a vendor or the last advert they saw?

Keep your company in the forefront of their mind

Just as your sales methods keep you in regular contact with your customers in an attempt to keep your company in the forefront of their mind, your competitors' sales methods are also keeping in regular contact with your customers for exactly the same reason. Imagine your sales staff just had an interaction either in person or on the phone with one of your customers. The customer indicates they will use your services or product next time they place an order. The sales person in your office thinks they have done a good job of maintaining that customer.
Later that day a competitor contacts the same customer and does a good job of providing an alternative service or product. Some time later you wonder why you haven't seen an order from the customer. More than likely it was because in a crowded marketplace the customer only recalls the last person they contacted. How do you ensure you are the most "recent"?

It is time to switch the model.

First you need to change the nature of the relationship. Instead of the customer asking, "Who can I call for a solution?," you need them to think, "There is only one place that has all the information I need".
You achieve this by creating a wealth of information about your products and services; a resource that anyone in your industry thinks is valuable. This is normally a website and a series of newsletters packed with valuable information.
The Customer Community marketing database coupled with WebEd, our world class web management solution provide a custom fit solution that solves the whole puzzle

How do you do it?

The first step is to ensure you have a website that is easy for you to update and manage. Without this how can you start to populate the valuable content your customers will want to access?
WebEd makes populating content quick and easy
Then you need a centralised listing of all your customers that you can quickly email relevant information and offers. Don't forget, newsletters don't always have to be a sales letter or special offer. You can just send newsletters that contain important information your customers need to solve their issues, like technical articles on best practises or helpful guides on particular aspects of your industry.
Customer Community centralises all of your contacts into one easy to use centralised solution accessible by your whole team
Next ensure every newsletter you publish not only gets emailed to your customer and prospect database but also automatically appears on your website. This does a number of important things such as giving your website content more depth, helping with search ranking and also building a resource that your customers and prospects can use in the future.
Each time you publish a newsletter to your contacts, it automatically appears as new content in your website

"Now I recall seeing an article about this somewhere" and the answer is 'your website'. You are becoming a go-to resource instead of just a supplier of products and services.
Finally, ensure your website and newsletter contains solid calls to action via links and forms for subscribers to opt in for news, offers and "member benefits". Add some tell-a-friend links so they can pass the information on and before you can say "threefold growth" you will be building solid database of contacts who are actively involved in your products and services. It is all about growing your content and your databases to meet your business growth goals.
Customer Community marketing database provides easy to create simple and complex forms that can be deployed to give your site visitors easy to respond calls to action
At Customer Community Services we know all this stuff inside out, we would be delighted to not only assist you in the process but also train you in the methods. We see this as the start of a long term partnership with both of us moving your towards your business goals. Use the Start a Conversation link to the left to get started.
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