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Eureka Moments

The term Eureka ('I have found it') was supposedly first used by the Greek mathematician Archimedes when he discovered how to determine if the King's goldsmith was ripping off the king by putting silver in the middle of the king's gold coins.
The term is now used in for any kind of revelation or inspiration. Here at Customer Community we use it to refer to that time when you suddenly link several thoughts together and come up with a new solution to an issue. It was a Eureka Moment for us when we we developed our email marketing and newsletter solution, Customer Community.
Picture this: you are sitting in your office (Archimedes was in a bath at the time but each to their own) and you suddenly realise you have just thought of the most amazing idea. Your customers will love it - a great solution they will want to have immediately. You are seen as the new saviour of your industry, your coffers will fill, accolades will flow, crowds will gather at your feet. (Well maybe not all of those at once but you get the idea).
Alas most Eureka moments go unfulfilled. Often these great ideas are not communicated to enough people to get the momentum they deserve.
Customer Community allows you to instantly contact all of your customers or business partners with the Eureka idea, It even includes a way for them to let you know they want it right now, by opting in to receive the product or service, instantly giving you new sources of revenue.
Simply login to your community, create a newsflash and email your preconfigured group with the wonderful idea. The email arrives in their inbox complete with links to a Request Now form that on submit updates their content record and emails you the request details for follow up.
Many years ago several organisations asked us about a way to quickly communicate new innovations or solutions to their customers. This was in line with our philosophy of making your organisation the "go to" resource for your customers. The relationship is not just built on you being a supplier of products or services to your customers but being seen as the only place to look for solutions, forging a symbiotic (did I just say that) partnership between your organisation and your customer.
Customer Community will
  • Centralise your myriad of customer or partner lists in one easy-to-use database solution.
  • Allow you to slice and dice those contacts into groups by a wide range of criteria (Referred By, Product of Interest, Subscriber Type etc.).
  • Quickly create newsflashes or multi-article newsletters to those groups.
  • Monitor delivery of the information and provide feedback on open rates, most read articles, popular newsletters.
  • Allow you to embed links to order forms, information requests or any other link that may help to increase your revenues.
  • Provide a mechanism for recipients to tell a friend or forward to other like-minded people.
  • Allow new people to subscribe and become a part of your community to receive future information.
  • Comply with all aspects of the Spam act including opt in's opt out, do not contact etc.
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Eureka Moments